Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can List

Lately it seems like everything in my life has been a moving target...deadlines at work jumping from one day to another, things still looming overhead (clothes in baskets, clean and dirty mingling, waiting to be folded or washed, thank-you cards sitting in a box, with their crisp black and cream curling damask design waiting to be written in and mailed off, to name a couple).  Should we have babies now? Should we wait and have babies in a couple years? Will we even be able to HAVE babies?  The baby thinking gets me thinking about all of the things I have not yet done in my life, that, selfishly or not, might not be possible with little ones to rear.  I have decided I need to create a Can List and start actively checking things off.  I call it a Can List instead of a Bucket List for a couple of reasons...besides the obvious reference to death (kicking the bucket, or kicking the can), I think that the word can has a much more positive connotation than something that you need when cleaning or throwing up.   It's likely that I CAN (haha!) complete some of these things while I have children, but they seem easier to accomplish before.

My Can List
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Travel outside of this country
  • Write a little book about something
  • Read at a poetry reading *snap snap*
  • Hold an Iron Chef competition with friends
  • Skydive
  • Bake PERFECT cupcakes
  • Drink wine and read Shakespeare
  • Take up photography and become really, really good at it
  • Learn kickboxing
  • Sleep in until 11 AM, and then stay in bed if I want to, just watching movies (without guilt! The hard part!)
  • Write a blog (consistently)
  • Plan a wonderful, delightful, Alice in Wonderland-like party for friends
  • Go to the Harry Potter Theme Park!
  • Swim with manatees (because I hear it's AMAZING)
  • Learn how to surf
  • Learn how to snowboard, or even ski (I've only done that once and the results were not grand)
  • Cook my husband amazing meals for a week straight! And not ones I've already made.
  • Teach a kindergarten class
  • Actually read the Bible
  • Meet Lady Gaga

To be continued...

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